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Best Bay Area Suburbs Ranked

November 22, 2019

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From the shores of San Francisco all the way out to the East Bay, the areas around the Towers at Rincon apartments are filled with interesting suburbs to explore become acquainted with. There are plenty of places around The Bay that are great (there are even two that made US News & World Reports list of The Best Places to Live in California). There are more than just those two, though, and today, we’re going to be looking at a more detailed breakdown of how the suburbs of The Bay stack up in terms of visiting appeal and livability.

Amazing Bay Area Suburbs

If we’re talking livability, sites like Niche have already compiled pretty exhaustive lists of which spots around The Bay are hot (and which ones are not). According to their grouping of 2019’s Best Suburbs to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkely tops the list, with a few other towns you’ve probably heard of trailing not too far behind:

  1. Berkeley
  2. Albany
  3. Mountain View
  4. Palo Alto
  5. Los Altos Hills
  6. West Menlo Park
  7. Moraga
  8. Piedmont
  9. Los Altos
  10. Monte Sereno
  11. Burlingame
  12. San Carlos
  13. San Ramon
  14. Los Gatos
  15. Hillsborough

These rankings, naturally, are representative of factors you might expect to go into a “livability score,” things like the school systems, crime/safety, diversity, housing, transportation, etc. There’s more to The Bay than these factors, though. There’s also the “cool factor” to take into account, and for that, we look at this article from Thrillist, which details which towns around the Bay Area can draw you in simply with their intangible appeal.

Mill Valley (in Marin County) is a strong entry on the list, characterized not only by its proximity to San Francisco but by that out of the way, close to nature appeal that showcases the true beauty of The Bay (might we remind you that nearby Sausalito also ranks high in this regard).

Then there are East Bay jewels like Pleasanton (in Alameda County). The name really spells it out for you, as there are few places around as pleasant, or with the kind of small-town charm that’s packed into this humble hamlet.

And for more of that coastal climate, you can always take a hike down to Half Moon Bay (in San Mateo County). South of San Francisco doesn’t always get the credit it deserves, but spend some time on the beaches here, and you’ll soon learn why so many like to come here to relax.

And there are even more Bay Area suburbs to explore in your adventures. Be sure to keep traveling, and you’ll be exposed to even more of the wonders that await all across the San Francisco area.

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