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Burger Wars of San Francisco

August 31, 2018

San Francisco Burger - The Towers at Rincon Apts

If you’ve been a part of the apartments in the Bay Area for a while, you might recall a Season 2 episode of Burger Wars that featured the Golden City. What you might not have realized, though, is that the level of competition wasn’t just for show. San Francisco takes its burgers seriously, and the so-called “burger wars” are only heating up more this summer. New burger joints, along with longtime favorites, are kicking it into high gear to see who can capture the greatest share of San Fran’s burger market, and with so many choices out there, you’ll need some guidance to lead you to the cream of the crop.

Which is where we come into the picture. We’ve rounded up the best of the city into one list — and what a list it is. You’ll find the top picks for old-school burgers, new-school burgers, specialty burgers, and more. All you’ve got to do is scroll through the options and decide upon whatever piques your interests. Read on, and prepare to sample some of the best burgers you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting in your entire life.

All American: Black Sands

The Black Sands Brewery is known for its diverse beer offerings, but that’s not why it’s on this particular list. In addition to the fine brews, this establishment is also capable of serving up some serious slices of Americana. The fabled “Black Sands Burger” is topped with “shredduce,” American cheese, tomato, and a special sauce (soy sauce + garlic aioli). You can add an egg or bacon and make it an out of this world experience. Add the ambiance of the Black Sands location, and you’re in for a treat that few can replicated.

Award Winning: Causwells

Causwells on Chestnut Street has more than its fair share of accolades. Back in 2014, it made Thrillist’s list of Best New Burgers, with the publication noting that “The Marina restaurant is currently making a serious play for best burger in SF with [its] glorious Double Double-esque move.” The establishment even garnered praise from Eater:

“Causwells’ award-winning burger is a true phenomenon in the Marina. The sizable patty has been likened to a souped-up In-N-Out Double Double, with its thin char-grilled patties and perfectly melted cheese. The house sauce and crispy onions are a particularly nice finish on this very messy endeavor.”

That burger, by the way, comes with a heaping helping of American cheese, Causwells sauce, lettuce, pickle, and onion, so expect your taste buds to be in full gear by the time you’re finished with the meal.

Old-School: Garaje

You want classic burger nostalgia? You’ll find it at Garaje, the drive-in styled burger joint on 3rd street. Whether single or double patties are your fix, you’ll be accommodated here, and with the amount of business they attract, you’d do well to plan in advance so you can get your burger without too much of a wait.

Big-N-Beefy: Gott’s Roadside

Big burgers at a “roadside” establishment? Not that much of a surprise, but you’ll be plenty pleased by the flavorful patties you’ll find at Gott’s. You’ll find these purveyors of juicy, American burgers right at their Ferry Building Marketplace location, serving up ⅓ pound slabs of beef with a butter-soft buns and a secret sauce that goes above and beyond the call of duty. They taste best medium-well, but they’ll cook them up however you ask, and they have a large selection of additional burgers for you to try if you’ve got a hankering for something out of the ordinary.

So Fancy: Jardinière

Straight from the mind of chef Traci Des Jardins, you can’t say the name Jardinière without feeling just a bit highbrow. They play upon the fanciness, but not to the degree of pretentiousness, and the burgers here have earned their place among the pantheon of greats with an interesting assemblage of ingredients, including avocado slices, mashed avocado, caramelized onions, tomato, gem lettuce, and vegan dijonnaise. The potato bun makes for a great tasting treat, and chef Jardins attention to detail means you’re getting the best of the best here.

Burger and Beer: Mission Bowling Club

Sure, you can pair your burger with beer at near all of these fine establishments, but no others will allow you to do so in the midst of a riveting game of bowling like Mission Bowling Club. Located on 17th Street, this bowling alley is renowned for their pins, but takes it a step beyond with the great food. No soggy pizza and stale popcorn here, you’ll find top-notch, mastercrafted meals, with the burger being the standout attraction. Delicious Monterey jack chees, onions, and aioli come together for the perfect blend of tastes. Throw in some shoestring fries and you’ll swear it’s the best burger you’ve had in a long time.

The Newcomer: Wahlburgers

Let’s not forget that popular burger chain Wahlburgers has been making its play for Fisherman’s Wharf:

“Less than six months after opening in Palo Alto, the Wahlberg crew is expanding to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf as part of the tourist hot spot’s reinvigorated retail strategy, which was announced in April.”

While not expected to open until winter, the Wahlburgers reputation precedes it, and more competition in the San Francisco burger wars can only mean that the meals will get better. We’ll see how this new entrant into the arena shakes things up in the months to come.

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