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Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco

April 20, 2018

San Francisco Cinco de Mayo - The Towers at Rincon Apts

Living in downtown San Francisco apartments puts you right near the heart of the action when the Cinco de Mayo festivities begin in Frisco. You’ll definitely want to be there for all the excitement this year when the superb festivities begin because it’s a great place to experience Latino culture while celebrating this wonderful experience with family members and friends.

Remember, there aren’t too many days during the year where the entire community gets together to celebrate as a family. So it definitely makes sense to take time out of your busy schedule to meet up with the people you care about the most to celebrate this perfect holiday on May 5.

Now you might be wondering, “What will we do at the Cinco de Mayo event in San Francisco this year?” That’s the question that seems to be on everybody’s minds, so we are going to do our best to tell you about everything happening on Valencia Street between 21st and 24th streets this year.

Just know that this is a big community event and many people will be in attendance. It’s just one of many exhilarating things that the great people in San Francisco will come together to experience as a community.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at everything happening on May 5 in San Francisco as part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

What You Can Expect to See and Do at the Cinco de Mayo Event in San Francisco in 2018

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing the details are still incredibly scarce for this particular event. But we do have plenty of great information about past events that can help you determine what to expect if you’re thinking of attending this event for the very first time.

We really wish we had the opportunity to tell you exactly what was going to be going on, but the good people organizing this event are still finding vendors, sponsors, and entertainment for the big day. But if you’d like to keep on top of the specifics, we highly recommend visiting this website often for updates: http://mncsf.org/sfcincodemayo/.

As far as the past is concerned, we’ll now share some of the wonderful things that happened in 2017, which was a great year filled with lots of amazing entertainment and exciting things that the community really enjoyed.

The main stage performances included the Zumnathon, Welcome Remarks, the Mission District Young Musicians Program, Bolivia Corazon De America, Berta Olivia Y Mariachis, Taking the DIS Out of Disability, Ensembles Ballet Folklorico, and many other exciting options.

On the Community Corner stage, there were performances from DJ Leroy, Nitty Dupree Dance Studio, Johnny Mota, Ricardo Sanchez, the Adult Choir, Evan Torres, and other great performances. As you can see, the Latino community definitely loves to come together and put on an exciting event for everyone in attendance. So if you’re looking for something to do on May 5, we highly recommend heading into the heart of San Francisco to experience Cinco de Mayo with your friends and neighbors.

If you’ve never been to this event, you are definitely in for a treat. Not only is there going to be dazzling entertainment like we just mentioned, there will also be tasty food, plenty of drinks, lots of live music, and it’s a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors, meet new people, and make connections with other like-minded individuals that you may not normally have an opportunity to connect with.

This is also a great opportunity for business owners to get out into the community and get to know the people of the neighborhood. Not only will this help you put your business on the map, you may also end up finding new customers that never knew your establishment even existed because you never took time to get to know the people in your area until now. So remember to get out there, tell everybody about your business, invite them to your establishment, and become an active member of the community and support this magnificent event.

How To Become a Sponsor for the Cinco de Mayo Festival in San Francisco

Are you thinking about becoming a sponsor? They make it very easy for businesses and community members to become a sponsor for this wonderful event. According to information shared on their website, “The San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival is produced by Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc., who has been serving the community with empowering multi-cultural, multigenerational social services for 59 years. Proceeds from the festival benefit MNC’s safety net programs.”

So, if this seems like a program you’d like to support, we highly recommend clicking the link above and visiting their sponsor page to find out more information about how to become a sponsor. They will gladly consider your request to become a sponsor because the MNC has an important mission and your sponsorship will help them achieve their goals as a community minded organization.

Other Important Cinco de Mayo Festival Information

This is the 14th annual Cinco de Mayo event being hosted in San Francisco. To help you get a better feel for everything about to happen, the website says “The San Francisco Cinco de Mayo celebration which is produced by Mission Neighborhood Centers will take place in the Mission District on Valencia Street on Saturday, May 5, 2018. This 14th annual Cinco de Mayo, a family-friendly celebration, is being planned on one of the Mission’s new trendy, main thoroughfares, occupying Valencia Street between 21st and 24th streets.”

As far as entertainment is concerned, “Talented artists will perform throughout the day featuring traditional Mexican songs as well as Salsa, Latin Jazz, Latin Rock, Pop, and other Latin rhythms.” So if any of this sounds appealing to you, you should definitely check out this event on May 5 this year.

Appreciate the Splendor of Cinco de Mayo in San Francisco Apartments

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