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DIY Projects For Your Home

A couple working on a D I Y project

It's safe to say that just about everyone at the apartments in the Bay Area loves the planet in one way or another. We'd even go so far as to say most want to help improve the environmental conditions of the world, had they the power to do so. Well, the perfect place to start making a difference is right at home, and there are plenty of things you can do on your own to make your home more eco-friendly. Ready to learn some DIY tricks that will bring you step closer to helping the planet? Read on, as we offer up some ideas to add to your list.

Reuse and Recycle

Through all of these DIY projects, you'll find a common thread in the fact that they're centered around making sure nothing goes to waste. You might be surprised by how you can repurpose seemingly useless items to create something new and valuable.

Take the DIY tin can lantern, for example. That's right, with a few tin cans, a hammer, some nails, and a few candles, you can turn something you would have normally discarded into an awesome decoration for a party, or just something to hang around to enhance the ambiance within your home.

If you're looking to add a little greenery to your living space, you'd do well with an indoor garden. Instead of heading out to buy a bunch of planters, though, did you know you could DIY a place for your plants with a few leftover mason jars? Just pack them with some potting soil, and they'll make for the perfect containers for your greenery (plus their easy to mount on the walls or hang from baskets).

Speaking of baskets, next up on the list is fashioning your own from leftover packing paper. You'll need to know how to use a sewing machine, but if you've got the skills, you can easily stitch that paper together to make a surprisingly sturdy basket that can hold whatever you want (and keep that paper from going into the trash).

And if you've got old clothes like sweaters (and again, a handle on how to use your sewing machine), you might also want to try turning those old sweaters into some new pillows. Grab some stuffing, recycle that sweater material, and you'll be putting that once discarded garment to good use in its new life.

There are plenty more DIY projects to discover too. Maybe you'll even brainstorm a few new ideas of your own? Just remember that the key is reusing and recycling that which you already have to help cut down on waste!

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