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Ghost Tours in San Francisco

A man dressed in a orange witch hat and a black cape

Living in places like the South San Francisco apartments, you may have heard that the city has a reputation for its share of haunted places and spooky spaces. It’s true that San Francisco has some mysterious bits of history, and some of them are dark.

So dark, in fact, that there are areas around the city where folks swear that ghosts roam the grounds and aren’t afraid to turn down an opportunity to scare an unsuspecting passerby. Naturally, this has led to more than a few haunted ghost tours capitalizing on these myths throughout town, and with Halloween coming up, you’ve got all the reasons you need to head out and see what these scary experiences are all about.

Haunted SF

Part of a series of tours offered by Wild SF Walking Tours, Haunted SF takes a look at the darker side of the city, complete with creepy backstories on “strange deaths, ruthless villains, the old red light district, famed ghosts, shocking assassins and more.” This particular tour starts in Union Square, then has you moseying around downtown and the Tenderloin. Make sure you come prepared to hear about some particularly shocking crimes, because this tour pulls no punches.

The San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour

For an up-close peek at haunted San Francisco spaces with a talented tour guide, you’ll definitely want to check out the San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour is a top-tier experience, and will take you to landmarks like The haunted trees of abolitionist and millionaire Mary Ellen Pleasant, The home of famed San Francisco writer Gertrude Atherton, Poltergeists at the infamous Chambers Mansion, The ghost bride of California Street, and several others.

Ghost Walk at City Hall

Would it shock you to learn that there might be ghosts in City Hall too? While no one can say for certain, there have been stories, and even historical events that would lead someone to thinking that spirits may roam the premises (the Harvey Milk assassination being among them). The City Hall Walking Tour gives you a chance to learn about the in-depth (and possibly haunted) history of City Hall, and allows you to poke your head onto the “other side,” where paranormal frights just might be the real thing. This is a far cry from your run of the mill architectural tour, so come prepared for some scares.

You Won’t Have to Worry About These South San Francisco Apartments Being Haunted

If you’re calling The Towers at Rincon Home, one (among many) positives is that you won’t have to worry about any hauntings or mysterious occurrences. In fact, at these residences, it’s just the opposite: a predictably luxurious experience that you can revel in for as long as your free time allows. This is city life when comfort and convenience are given top priority, and you can bask in the glory of many a beautifully designed space. Ready to see for yourself? Discover what The Towers at Rincon have to offer you, then drop us a line to learn how you can make one of these residences your new home today.