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Ideas For A Tropical Holiday

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There are few things as thrilling as a tropical vacation. Even residents in lavish places like the Rincon Center Apartments can want for a luxurious getaway from time to time. The thing with tropical vacations, though, is that there are so many forms that one might take, it’s difficult sometimes to plan out exactly how you’ll get yours done. Where to go, for example, or what to do, are just some of the questions that might flummox potential holiday goers when planning for that perfect tropical excursion. For those that are undecided, fear not, we’ve got the rundown on a few possible permutations that you can use as inspiration for your own perfect trip down the line.

Tropical Getaway #1: The Bahamas

A chain of coral-based islands south of Miama (but north of Cuba), The Bahamas are well-known for their many resorts and hotels, along with scenic views and amazing beaches:

“Renowned as a maritime playground for sun-starved Americans, this stunning string of subtropical islands is so much more than a cruise-ship stopover. Stretched between the depths of the North Atlantic and Florida's eastern coast, the Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands and 2400 cays, most uninhabited, and all fringed by spectacular coral and fathomless ocean trenches.”

How might a tropical vacation play out here? Lonely Planet lists a great many experiences you might partake in on the many islands, with top marks going to the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. The protected park from Shroud Cay at its northmost end to Bell Cay at its southern tip. Dubbed the “first park of its kind in the world,” it is world-renowned for “its pristine beauty, outstanding anchorages and breathtaking marine environment.”

Being a protected area, you’ll be advised not to take anything from the grounds, but you’ll have the opportunity to take some of the most stunning images of a natural environment that you’ve had the chance to visit in your life. Sites like Warderick Wells, where the park HQ is located. It’s the center of the bustling action on the island, and has a great many trails, paths, and places of interest for visitors to view.

The beaches and swimming aren’t to be ignored either. Beryl’s Beach, for instance, has the crystal-clear waters that make swimming an absolute joy. The Wall Trail that leads from this area loop to a panoramic view of the bank and sound, a view you might find yourself mesmerized by for hours.

Tropical Getaway #2: Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those places that’s on near everyone’s “to-go” list, but only a small fraction ever get out there. That’s a shame, because the Hawaiian islands are something of a traveler’s dream:

“It's easy to see why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. Just look at these sugary beaches, Technicolor coral reefs and volcanoes beckoning adventurous spirits.”

Among the top attractions here are the Piʻilanihale Heiau & Kahanu Garden, a “294-acre ethnobotanical garden with the magnificent Piʻilanihale Heiau, the largest temple in all of Polynesia.” This tour is a must see stop for any visitors to the islands. Located on the Hana coast, the garden is hidden away by the islands hala forests. It’s a place of learning and cultural enrichment:

“Visitors to Kahanu Garden will learn about the cultural relationships between people and these remarkable plants that were transported around the Pacific on ancient voyaging canoes. Among the different ethnobotanical collections at Kahanu Garden is the world's largest collection of breadfruit cultivars, which serves as a germplasm repository for this important South Pacific food crop.”

For those that want to add a bit of education about critical tropical fauna to their getaway, Hawaii provides the opportunity to discover more than you might have thought possible in one of the most unique ways available.

Tropical Getaway #3: Bora Bora

Known by some as the honeymooners’ paradise, Bora Bora is like a gem, unspoiled by the ravages of time:

“Ah, Bora Bora. The stuff of dreams. As you arrive by plane, the view says it all. How not to be mesmerised by this stunning palette of sapphire, indigo and turquoise, all mixed together in modern-art abstractions? And these sand-edged motu (islets) and soaring rainforest-covered basaltic peaks? With such a dreamlike setting, Bora Bora is, unsurprisingly, a honeymooners’ choice.”

What attractions on Bora Bora make it so worthy of a tropical getaway? Matira Beach is perhaps the most convincing of the many draws on the list. It’s Bora Bora’s only “real” beach, replete with the white sands and blue waters that come to mind when one visualizes a tropical paradise in their mind’s eye.

Bora Bora is only 18 miles long, but in that small stretch of land you’ll find plenty to do, from shark feeding expeditions to jeep tours of the island’s interior and beyond. For the adventurer’s getaway, this should be right near the top of the short list.

Tropical Getaway #4: Turks & Caicos

Easygoing, welcoming, serene...there are plenty of good things to say about Turks & Caicos:

“The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), hiding at the southern tip of the Bahamian Archipelago, elude most travelers' radars. Yet this sparsely populated string of low sand cays boasts some of the world's most spectacular coral reefs, and has built itself into a true luxury-tourism destination.”

A visit to this paradise wouldn’t be complete without a tour of Grand Turk, a veritable “step back in time” to when things were decidedly less fast-paced and developed. It’s small in size, for sure, but big when it comes to character and positively gargantuan when it comes to providing some perspective. You’ll be able to shed your travails and forget about the hustle and bustle when you take a trip to this simpler, quieter land.

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