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Living Room Storage Ideas

A wicker basket and throw pillows

Now, we’re not saying the apartments for rent in San Francisco aren’t roomy already, but who would say “no” to some tips that will help them free up even more space, right? There are tons of ways you can make a living space feel more free and clear, with the implementation of some clever living room storage ideas being chief among them.

What you’ll find is that all those lost little objects that are taking up space for no reason, and that one part of the living room most term the “disaster zone” will be free of clutter, which frees up space within the room:

“Most rooms have a corner or a piece of furniture, that functions as the designated disaster zone even when most of the room is pretty well organized. If you have any major centers of clutter in your living room, like a certain end table that gets loaded up with random stray items, neaten it now. It will make the entire room look cleaner.”

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at a few neat ideas for living room storage that will help you find a home for those forever-homeless items and get everything in order so that your living room can finally achieve that “I planned it this way” appearance.

Add a Couch Caddy

It’s a simple idea, really. Hang a couch caddy over one of the arms of your sofa, then you can have a place to store all those miscellaneous items like your remote or that latest magazine you’ve been reading so that they don’t end up strewn about the living room. Now, there are plenty of options for purchasing couch caddys in a variety of materials that will fit your personal style, but remember that this is also a living room storage addition that you can DIY, if you so choose.

Try a Storage Bench

If you want to add extra seating and storage to your living room with just one piece of furniture, you can try throwing in a storage bench. The great thing about these is that they come in so many styles you can really get a look that’s tailored to your overall home design and won’t feel out of place with the rest of your decor. You can even find storage benches that include multiple drawers or compartments to help you maximize on organization. Use these to tuck away those board games, toys, and anything else you’re not using on a daily basis.

Use a Corner Shelf

You see that small corner that you still haven’t figured out a use for? Now’s the time to throw a corner shelf over there so you can maximize your storage space. As the name implies, these shelving units fit neatly into the corners of a room so that they aren’t taking up too much wall space. At the same time, though, they’re pretty useful in terms of how much they’ll allow you to place on them, and make for a great place for you to put your extra items so they aren’t taking up space elsewhere.

Bring in the Multi-Tiered Coffee Table...

The coffee table is generally the center of most living rooms, but there’s a chance you might not be maximizing the utility of yours. If your coffee table only has one level, it’s time to up your game with a two or three-tiered coffee table that will give you more surface area for storing stuff. You can place those magazines, books, albums, and board games on the bottom, reserving the top space for the most important items: like a cup of tea and a plate of cookies for your guests.

...Or Maybe a Coffee Table With Drawers?

In a similar vein, you can opt for a coffee table that has drawers. The advantages here are obvious. You’ll have your coffee table, for sure, and you’ll also have a generous helping of extra storage space within that you can use to organize your movie collection, records, games, and whatever else you need to keep tucked away in the living room.

Behold! Nesting Furniture

Have you ever seen tables that stack on top of one another for easy storage? That’s an example of nesting furniture, and it’ll make for a great addition to your living room if you’re trying to save some space. In the example of nesting tables, you can use the tallest one as a kind of end table, then pull out the shorter ones when you have guests over. Alternatively, you can try a nesting coffee table with either smaller tables or additional seating. Either way, implementing nesting furniture in your living room is a great way to free up space by keeping tables and seating out of the way until you really need them.

Stack Some Cubes or Crates

You’ve seen a storage cube before, right? Stack a few against a wall in the living room, and you’ve got plentiful storage that doubles as an interesting bit of decor. You can use large cubest to keep pillows and blankets out of the way, in addition to stuff like books and board games. If you’re feeling particularly stylish, you can ditch the run-of-the-mill mass-produced cubes for crates, giving your living room more of a rustic and charming aesthetic. The choice is yours!

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