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Must See Museums in SF

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Do you live in the apartments in Rincon Hill, SF? Do you also love the arts? Well, you happen to be in one of the most artistic cities in the nation! San Francisco is home to dozens of stellar museums, each with their own unique style and tastes. Whether you prefer the fine arts or something a little more unconventional, there's a museum for you. Check out some of these absolutely fantastic locations, and get ready to enjoy your next day off.

For the Fine Arts

First up we have De Young. They feature collections containing African, North American, South American, Oceanic, and Textile arts. They also have photography and paper works collections. Their conservation efforts have preserved some of history's greatest works. Head there on a Friday night for live music, dance and theater performances, film screenings, and everything from lectures on art to hands on activities. Head over to their artist studio and hone your skills, or see some of the upcoming exhibitions like Revelations or The Simmer of Love Experience.

A second choice for the fine arts, The Legion of Honor has a strong focus on ancient and European arts. You can find everything from canvas works to photography and sculptures. Their conservation efforts are also extensive, and they feature several live music events as well including organ concerts and chamber music. Both of these are sure to satisfy your love for the beauty of fine art.

From the East

Looking for something a little more oriental? The Asian Art Museum has conserved historical paintings and sculptures spanning all of Asia. The second and third floors feature 2,000 pieces! They also give you the unique ability to experience culture through food. Let your taste buds experience Chinese medicinal recipes, or head over to Cafe Asia and try their incredible cuisine.

Bold and Modern

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art features stunning exhibitions, as well as collections from some of the world's most talented artists. From film to performance and public displays, there's no better place to see the most contemporary works in the nation. They also feature media arts, photography, and architecture works as well. The SFMOMA is sure to give you a unique experience.

Something Different

Head over to Pier 15 and you'll fine the Exploratorium (aka The Museum of Science). Here you can explore and gain knowledge on things like stem cell research, resonance, local wildlife, planets, stars, galaxies, and so much more. Learn about our planet, or try your hand at a surprisingly artistic science event. This is one cool place to have fun and learn at the same time, making it perfect for kids and adults alike.

Another fantastic option for those that love science is the California Academy of Sciences. This place is a planetarium, aquarium, and natural history museum all in one. Learn about creatures of the swamps and rain forests, see live penguins in action, or head there at night for a VIP tour. This place also looks spectacular. You can check it out right here.

Contemporary Culture

The CJM (Contemporary Jewish Museum) features exhibitions of the best Jewish contemporary artists in the nation. Founded in 1984, this museum offers its patrons a welcoming environment to interact with one another and share experiences in the arts. You'll only find the highest level of quality and scholarship here, making it a must see.
The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is another great contemporary museum. They feature arts from several disciplines such as music, dance, photography, film, and more. If you're looking for some interesting and unique exhibits, this is the place to go.

The Historic

San Francisco is also home to The Cable Car Museum. Here, you can learn all about the history of the cable car dating all the way back to 1873. Old time photos, historic cars, and mechanical displays are housed inside, and admission is free! This is a neat place, rich with history about San Fran.

Check out the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society for an even more in-depth look at the city's history. With monthly programs, walking tours, and more they work to educate the public and preserve the history of San Fran and the surrounding Bay Area. If you're a history buff, you have got to check this place out.

Meet the Stars

Everyone has heard of the nationally renowned Madame Tussaud's wax museum. You might not be able to meet your favorite stars in person, but these sculptures are so lifelike that it's hard to tell the difference. This museum features a-list stars like Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Anniston, and hundreds more. Stop by the music zone to see Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Jimi Hendrix, or any of your favorite artists. There's also the film zone, leaders & entrepreneurs section, and sports zone, so you're sure to find all of your celebrities.

ne for the Kids

If you have little ones ages 2 to 12, then take them over to the Children's Creativity Museum. This fantastic place encourages their creativity, innovation, and critical thinking through art and technology. It's a great way for you and your kids to meet some new people, and create something in the process. The environment here is highly enriching, and it's amazing to see such dedication to developing young minds. Let your little thinker explore the realms of animation, music, technology, inventions, and art with awesomely fun activities designed to develop bright minds for the future.

Apartments in Rincon Hill SF

For those that love the arts, sciences, history, and California's stars, there are more than enough museums near the apartments in Rincon Hill, SF that are sure to satisfy. In fact, there's so many that we were only able to name a handful on this list! There really is something for everyone in this unique, beautiful city. On your next day off, find the museum that peaks your interest the most and get ready for a full day of wonder and amazement.