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Sausalito Art Festival

August 15, 2018

Sausalito Art Festival - The Towers at Rincon Apts

Let’s say you live in the south San Francisco apartments, or you plan on moving to the area soon and you’re wondering what you’re going to do with yourself come Labor Day Weekend. There are plenty of options to pick from. San Francisco is home to all sorts of great options like free museum days, sailing tours, baseball games, outdoor concerts and much more. If you want to experience something mystifying, however, you might want to block out some time to head to the Sausalito Art Festival:

“Fine art, music, food, and wine come together Labor Day weekend for one of the most prestigious art festivals in the country. The Sausalito Art Festival, America's Premiere Waterfront Art Festival, is held annually on Labor Day Weekend.”

It is, naturally, about visual artists showing off their stuff, but the Sausalito Art Festival also manages to go much deeper than that, featuring performances, partying, and even a bit of education. What’s the best way to get in on the action, and what can you expect once you’re down there? Read on, as we explore what this year’s Sausalito Art Festival has in store.

Some Background on the Festival

It might come as a surprise but the Sausalito Art Festival is now in its 66th year. This isn’t just the pride of Marin County or the Bay, this is one of the “oldest, most prestigious and most anticipated open-air art events in the country.” Having evolved into such a staple, the Sausalito Art Festival is accustomed to drawing big crowds — more than 270 award-winning artists from around the country and 30,000 patrons flock to the waterfront village of Sausalito, California, on Labor Day Weekend each year for the annual event.

But it’s not just the artists that find this festival enchanting. Notables from the world of food, beer, wine, entertainment, and more all descend upon this part of the Bay to contribute and join in on the fun. This year will be no exception. Another in a long line of “must see” occasions, this year’s art festival will more than live up to the reputation that Sausalito has built over the years:

“The Festival has steadily grown, year after year, gaining national recognition as the #1 Outdoor Fine Art Festival in America, and earning international standing for excellence in the arts. It is now considered one of the finest and most prestigious art festivals in the United States by both artists and collectors worldwide.”

Chances are you won’t want to miss it, so here’s what you’ll need to know to enjoy the proverbial show.

This Year’s Festival

Like years past, the 2018 Sausalito Art Festival will be taking place over Labor Day Weekend, which is September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Like you might expect from an art festival, there will be a great many creators showing off their work. Just to give you an example from the first few categories...

2D Mixed Media:

  • Andy Anh Ha
  • Diane Barbee
  • Joseph Bradley
  • Leslie Anne Guinan
  • Harut Hakobyan
  • Zachary Hunt
  • Ronnie Phillips
  • Ella Richards
  • Stephanie St. Thomas
  • 3D Mixed Media:

  • Neil Blanck

  • Beka Brayer

  • Amy Dallas


  • Kimmy Cantrell
  • Eileen Goldenberg
  • Marge Margulies
  • Barbara Sebastien

And the list just keeps going. There are going to be more artists at the festival than you can shake a stick at, and each is offering just a slightly different perspective and set of talents that come with their chosen medium. You’ll get to see a lot of great work on display, and you’ll also get the opportunity to see some of the top finalists from the American Icon art competition:

“Every year the American Icon Art Competition asks artists throughout the world to submit their interpretation of iconic American imagery. Winners receive cash prizes and have their work exhibited at the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival.”

These works exemplify America at its heart, and will be the perfect accompaniment for a festival that’s taking place over the Labor Day Weekend. But recall that this festival is not all about art (no matter how amazing that art might look). You’ll also be treated to some fine musical performances throughout the three day experience.

On Saturday, the feature entertainer will be George Clinton, along with Parliament. The lord of P-Funk is coming off a recent album release (the first in over a decade), so you should expect a high-energy and impactful performance.

On Sunday, Drive-By Truckers will grace the stage, bringing some soulful sounds that are perfect for the art festival setting. Finally, Monday will feature Eric Burdon and the Animals. The singer needs little introduction, and he’ll be belting out some favorites that are sure to get the crowds pumped.

There’s also an afterparty performance featuring Dave Koz, a part of the Dave Koz and Friends Summer Horns Tour. The jazz master and his cohorts are sure to delight with some sultry sounds, so be sure to check that out as well.

Which brings us to that final bit of information you’ll need: how to attend. You’ll need to get your tickets, which you can obtain through the Festival’s Eventbrite page. There’s still some time to snag those “early bird” tickets, which net a significant discount off the purchase price. If you’re all about scoring some fancy extras, though, then the VIP tickets will probably be the ones you want to look into. They’ll get you all that special access you’re after, enhancing the entire festival experience even further.

The Trip Won’t Be That Long From the South San Francisco Apartments

When you’re sitting pretty at places like the Towers, the whole of the Bay becomes your proverbial oyster. The fabulous location opens up plenty in the way of shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. Being in a superbly walkable part of town helps in this regard. In addition to everything the city has to offer, though, there’s plenty you’ll find enchanting at the Towers themselves, including the modern amenities and spacious living arrangements. Be sure to check out everything this five-star community has to offer and make it your top choice for living in the Bay.