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Travel Tips To Keep You Sane

December 19, 2018

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Everyone knows that holiday travel can be a gigantic hassle, and if you find yourself having to trek from the comfort of the apartments for rent in SF to visit friends and family in other parts of the country this year, you’re potentially in for a bear of a time.

Deciding what to pack, making your way through crowded airports (and roadways), enduring those long flights (and drives), and, for some, that travel anxiety can boil over to the point where you feel you’re losing your sanity. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with it all. Try out some of these holiday travel tips, and you’ll be able to maintain during even the most trying points of the peak travel season.

Do Away With the Travel Stress

More than a few people are absolutely terrified about having to travel, and that just gets amped up when they have to travel during a particularly busy time like the holidays. If you count yourself among that group, the first thing you’ll need to do to keep your cool intact this season is to deal with that extra anxiety. On that front, Self has some excellent tips that can help you get that stress under control.

It’s helpful to note that anxiety is both a “necessary and helpful” part of the travel experience, and will help you complete your voyage successfully. You just need to manage it so it doesn’t paralyze you from actually traveling in the first place or overwhelm you mid-trip.

One technique you might try is making a specific list of all the things that stress you out about travel. In many cases, it’s not the destination or the act of traveling that’s the source of stress, but some particular that’s tied to the process. Whatever the pinpoint issue is in your case happens to be, in your case, you’ll be able to find it by making that list, and then be able to devise strategies to help you minimize your anxiety around the issue (or issues).

Your gripe with travel might be the fact that you always forget to pack all the things you need. If that’s the case, you can again aid yourself by way of a helpful list. Write down all the things you’re going to need well in advance of your trip, then put those items someplace conspicuous so there’s little chance you’ll forget them. You can even go the lengths of packing your luggage with some of your stuff a few weeks beforehand.

Maybe your issue is the long travel times in the plane or car, or, even worse, the boring wait times at the airport. There’s a remedy for that too, thanks to modern technology. Be sure to download everything you’ll need to keep yourself entertained, then turn to these distractions whenever there’s a lull that would otherwise have you bored to tears. Music, movies, games — there’s plenty you can take on the go with you, and most is good enough to stave off those dull moments. Just be sure to take more than you need, and remember that the key word here is “download.” You’ll need Wi-Fi for that, so it’s best to take care of the task at home and well before your eventual trip.

If your problem is those big airport crowds, there are a few things you’re going to have to keep in mind in that regard. First off, if it’s possible, you’ll want to avoid traveling during those “peak days” which are the days before the holiday begins and after it ends. On the day of your departure, remember that you should leave a bit earlier in the day than you might think necessary, that way, if there are crowds and lines abound, you’ll be able to navigate them without missing your flight.

Delays, unfortunately, are often an inevitability of holiday travel. It’s not a pleasant thing to think about, but if you can come to terms with it before your travel date, then it’s less likely to catch you off guard. Rather than feel disappointed when you hear there’s going to be an extra hour-and-a-half wait before your flight can leave, you’ll be well prepared for the extra time spent on the ground, and at peace since you brought things to do that go beyond twiddling your thumbs.

In addition to all of these stress reduction tactics you can employ when you know you have to travel for the holidays, there are a few additional tips to follow that will help ensure you have a successful trip and stay in high spirits throughout your journey. For starters, be sure to do your research so you don’t get hit with any surprises.

If you’re going to be driving, for instance, study the routes to your destination carefully so that if there are any unforeseen impediments, you’ll have multiple options for getting to where you want to go. If you’re going by air, on the other hand, acquaint yourself with the airport and airlines policies, so that you can cruise through lines without extra hassle from the TSA or airline staff.

Pack light so you can stay mobile (and travel cheaply). Use technology (in the form of various phone apps) to stay abreast of how long security lines at the airport might be, when your flight is scheduled to leave, etc. Finally, make sure to take a deep breath, and stay cool just in case the unexpected does happen. It might be a bit of a burden having your plans disrupted, but when you’re calm, traveling is always a much nicer (and less stressful) experience.

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